RTL kampeert at RTL 4, wants to film you company.


RTL kampeert is the camping TV program on the Dutch broadcast channel RTL 4. The first episodes can be seen from Sunday 26 January.

Do you also want your company promoted on TV? We offer unique opportunities in season 2.

TV program format and options:

We start an episode at a campsite, visit different accommodations and then explore the region and meet families on vacation. Viewers of the program see the most beautiful places in the nearby area and get inspired.

The new campers, caravans and tents are displayed in 1 or 2 minute items. The presenters will present the various items with great enthusiasm, in image and speech.

Filming summer 2020, broadcasting January 2021:

We film the campsites and regions in July and August 2020. The most beautiful and busiest camping period. We film the campers, caravans and trailer tents on location.

Broadcast time:

RTL camping is shown from January to March. The ideal period in which more than 50% of Dutch people make a decision about their upcoming vacation and type of stay. Promote your company and convince them to come to you.

-Watch the first film days and follow us on www.facebook.com/rtlkampeert/

-View the promo on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVndcYHsT1I

RTL kampeert program information:

2021: 8 to 13 episodes from 24 January on RTL 4

Time: Sunday from 17:30 to 18:00

incl 2 reruns, time n.n.b.

Contact Marco Menage and Baptiste Vermeulen quickly.